C. Areas advised the following epitaph to possess himself: “Here lays W

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C. Areas advised the following epitaph to possess himself: “Here lays W

enervate* (Durante oer VAYT) vt. to help you sap off strength, lifetime, vitality, etc.; to help you weaken Edmonton free hookup website in some way, truly or else; in order to devitalize; to -adj. weak • A long travel to function every morning is sufficient to enervate some individuals. • Of many was indeed enervated by sight of fall of the Globe Trading Center in advance of getting angered so you’re able to strike back. • A property team’s losing move will be a keen enervating situation. [-d, enervating, enervation letter.] [Syn. unnerve, weaken]

augment (inside the HAENS) vt. 1. making greater (in price, value, charm, an such like.); heighten; augment; dos. adjust the high quality or status out-of; 3. to electronically help the clarity away from a photograph, photo, etcetera. by means of a computer • Planting colors woods commonly raises the worth of a home. • A trip to brand new health spa enhanced Audrey’s appearance. • Electronic pictures can often readily become enhanced by servers in the the images processor’s avoid. [-d, increasing, -ment letter.] [Syn. intensify]

C. Areas

enigmatic* (Durante ig Mat ik) adj. away from or for example a puzzle; perplexing; baffling • Don’s expression was enigmatic; we can not envision exactly what he had been convinced. • How the monster snowball featured towards basketball occupation about middle out-of June was enigmatic. [-ally* adv.] [Syn. obscure]

take pleasure in (dentro de Contentment) vt. step 1. to try out satisfaction; take comfort in; relish; 2. to get the work with or advantageous asset of • Margo features playing an excellent Beethoven symphony. • Steven enjoyed his song’s acquiring a huge measure of radio and you will Tv airtime. [-ed, -ing]

enlighten (durante LY tin) vt. 1. to clear of lack of knowledge, prejudice, or superstition; dos. to inform; simplify so you’re able to; instruct • Several years of knowledge of the latest electorate had offered to illuminate this new senator in regards to the folly from favoring you to definitely category over the other. • Please enlighten me personally to what time you have family last evening. [-ed, -ing] [Syn. inform]

Small Review #33 Satisfy the term out-of line dos on phrase of line step one meaning very nearly a similar thing

enmity (Dentro de mi tee) letter. the fresh new bad fury or feeling of an opponent, or out of mutual enemies for the both; hostility; antagonism • The fresh new Romans while the Scots got high enmity to the both. • Significant enmity distinguisheded rival gangs out-of Chicago while in the Ban. [Syn. violence, animosity, antagonism]

ensemble (into the SOM bil) n. step 1. the pieces removed together with her; the impact; 2. an entire costume, specifically you to having complimentary stuff off attire, such as a fit; 3. a group of actors, dancers, etcetera., exactly who manage together with her; cuatro. a songs class • The prosperity of new debating group cannot others into arms of a single member but falls towards ensemble. • With a couple sets off pants, a couple of tops, and two coats, you possibly can make 7 additional ensembles. • This might be a great theatrical dress, and no solitary superstar. • The fresh new sequence quartet is actually a very talented outfit. epidemiology (EP we Consider ee OL uh jee) n. 1. brand new branch of treatments one to talks about the reason why and you may control of epidemics; 2. all of the issues one to blend to cause or end good condition for the a population; environment out of an illness • The latest epidemiology of outbreak of your Ebola malware in Africa has been examined carefully. • Brand new epidemiology from Western Nile malware and its break out from the east Us was significantly less than intimate analysis. [epidemiological adj., epidemiologist n.]

epilogue (EP we Diary) letter. 1. an ending area placed into a manuscript, play, an such like. getting a lot more review, translation, otherwise recommendations; dos. an initial message or poem read because of the a star towards audience at the conclusion of an enjoy • A keen epilogue will be to the conclusion a narrative what a prologue should be to inception. • Shortly after their opera Don Giovanni ended to the direct character’s going so you’re able to hell, Mozart believed obliged to provide an epilogue having said that the latest Don’s deviation remaining the country a pleased place. • Douglas MacArthur’s “Old Troops Never Perish” address in order to Congress is looked upon because epilogue in order to his job. epitaph (EP it AF) n. 1. terminology created towards the good tomb or gravestone during the recollections of people hidden around; 2. an initial part inside the prose or verse, composed due to the fact a beneficial tribute in order to a dead individual, earlier skills, etcetera. • W. I would instead become staying in Philadelphia.” (This is simply not into the their tombstone.) • Whenever World war ii finished, its epitaph are splashed across newsprint side users in virtually any area. epitomize* (i Gap uh MYZ) vt. 1. in conclusion the main points from a text, declaration, incident, etc.; dos. indicating all of the sort of functions from some thing • An excellent guide statement would be to criticism also epitomize brand new tale of the book. • Star Michael Douglas epitomizes every features off his dad, Kirk. [-d, epitomizing] [Syn. summarize]

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